We are a team of two at present. Our aim on this page is to give you an idea of WHY we are here.

Both of us, in our differing ways, are affected by withdrawal from antidepressant and other prescribed psychotropic drugs. One of us is the person actually PRESCRIBED these drugs over the past 15 or so years. The other is one of the persons who took on the role of CARER.  We feel that BOTH, plus others around us, have been affected by our role in this story.

A little over three years ago, the story moved on from one of adverse reactions to the prescribed medications to a WITHDRAWAL JOURNEY. Again, this affected all concerned and has been a mixture of intense withdrawal reaction periods and an awakening of the real person that had been hidden by prescribed drugs for so long.

We found very little support for these journeys. We were met with disbelief as often as not. Whilst continuing under the guidance of the professionals concerned, we trusted that they would, eventually, find something that would actually stabilise matters. Slowly but surely we began to doubt that this was going to happen. A personal decision was taken to suggest withdrawing from the prescribed drugs with professional guidance. The ‘caring team’ were on board and the leap into the dark took place!

Searching for support from others on the same journey proved fruitless. We hunted online and found a few sites which were useful. However, we still felt the need for FACE TO FACE MEETINGS about what we were now facing in withdrawal. We failed to find any such support – or at least in our area. We decided to have a go at setting up such a group in our home town of PRESTATYN, DENBIGHSHIRE, NORTH WALES.

If you are interested in how our group hopes to run then please contact ellen.hennessey@btinternet.com for further details or contact us below.

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