Our hope for the future is that better times will return and for this reason we have chosen to illustrate it in the form of a landscape scene of the rising sun. We have spent many days….weeks…….months or even years waiting for each tomorrow to be a better day. We had many false impressions that we were, indeed, on the road to a better tomorrow only for our hopes to be dashed within hours. That feeling of failure deepens with each false hope. It takes you to a place where you can only see the darkness of night – the dark proving ever more powerful.

I am glad to say that over the last three years things have improved slowly in our lives. Although yet to see the full power of the ‘sun’, we do see some of its light and that is encouraging for us all. The withdrawal journey is a very difficult one and having that glimmer of hope, or sunlight, makes the world of difference when struggling to cope . Knowing that the sun will rise again – that life will improve – that there WILL be a better tomorrow soon, helps to carry us through the very worst days that withdrawal reactions bring.

There will be more information at a later date about the image shown here. Sufficient for today is to tell you that it is a piece of textile art which features a Welsh language phrase which translates as ‘ Again, the sun will rise on the hillside’.




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Withdrawing from psychotropic drugs

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