presentation of 'Daw eto haul ar fryn' textile art piece to david Healy.Presentation of ‘daw eto haul ar fryn’ textile art piece to David Healy at the close of our first Open Meeting.

 In an effort to attract more people to our antidepressant withdrawal group, we decided to hold Open Meetings periodically to widen the understanding about such a group.  In November of 2018 we held our first one. It was a very successful meeting and so it was decided to hold a second one along the same lines.

The gathering was of mainly local people although there was one couple from Cheshire who came along as well as another couple from South Wales. We started with coffee and cakes – what better to put everyone at ease! We also ran a raffle – a raffle always seems to attract attention doesn’t it. We didn’t charge for admission – we wanted it to be affordable to all. We had a few stalls with information about our group, also the Hearing Voices group which I attend and the various other groups and websites from which we get so much of our information about psychotropic drugs.

We had a guest speaker whose topic for the evening was  ‘Psychotropic Drugs: Can we make them safer?’ This guest was Professor David Healy – the world-famous psychiatrist who speaks out about the hidden dangers of modern medicine. We expected an evening of warnings; an evening of realisation of the importance of reading Patient Information Leaflets that come with our medicines perhaps? What we got was well over two hours of entertainment – of important information given in a light hearted and friendly manner. If ever a speaker read his audience, well – this one did so excellently.

In total, we were roughly fifty in number, the majority of which became involved during the evening – either by questioning about different aspects of the talk, by answering the questions posed by the speaker (in order to entice us down different paths that he wished to cover that evening) or by exclaiming with astonishment at some of the facts that were given to us. As time went by, we suddenly noticed that we could end up providing bed and breakfast unless we could bring this meeting comfortably to a close! Neither speaker nor audience seemed too willing to close the meeting and one person suggested that we invite the speaker back, for ‘part 2’ so to speak, at a later date.

The meeting seemed to have been thoroughly enjoyed by all. The guest speaker declared that he was perfectly willing to return for an evening with us at a later date. THAT ‘LATER DATE’ HAS NOW BEEN FIXED:-

ON JUNE 4th., 6.30pm AT NANT HALL CHURCH HALL PRESTATYN  we will hold our second open meeting. It will be OPEN TO ALL FROM ALL CORNERS OF THE COUNTRY.  Come in droves, to enjoy the company of one who not only certainly knows his topic but also has a way of getting serious messages across in an entertaining fashion.                   There will be refreshments and a raffle again this time as well as a WARM WELCOME. There will be collection boxes in the hall and all monies will be DONATED TO MAKING MEDICINES SAFER FOR ALL OF US to further the excellent work that they do ( led, of course, by David Healy – the man who never seems to need to rest!).

We look forward to your company.

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  1. What a super idea – a yearly event now as well as everything else you do ! -I have so much respect and admiration for you.
    with all best wishes – have a great evening – look forward to hearing about it on Rxisk……

    1. Thank you very much Susanne. I’m very fortunate in my secretary actually (aka Mary or mum!).
      We look forward to the meeting – after all her hard work! It’s a pity that we are not as posh as PAST as they were streaming their meeting worldwide as you may remember. Still, if we have a good audience again this time, that means that the important message is getting out to local people.
      I shall make sure that my secretary places a report on Rxisk after the event.

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