WARM – even in the depths of winter!

It’s cold outside, very cold in fact but it’s even colder in parts of the USA. However, in one little corner of the United States there is a ‘warmth’ that even the chilliest winds cannot freeze – and that is at the home of  WARM!

WARM stands for Withdrawal And Recovery Meetings network of groups and our group (Prescribed medication Withdrawal) is proud to be a part of this ‘warmth’. The idea behind WARM is to facilitate interested parties in setting up their own groups – groups which share knowledge and experiences of withdrawal from a variety of psychotropic drugs. It also creates a sense of ‘belonging’ in a world that can leave anyone contemplating a withdrawal – for whatever reason – from many of these drugs, feeling very much alone.  Setting up a group can be daunting – but with WARM to guide you it is far less so. WARM in no way binds us by rules and regulations – its joy comes from the idea that groups, wherever in the world they may be, can feel a part of a larger family by connecting together whilst still keeping their own identity. We connect to SHARE things that work for us. We connect to LEARN from each other’s experiences. We connect to REMIND one another of our common aim – which is to share what we have found to be helpful during our ‘lived experience’, with others in need of support. WARM has a lot of core resources that keep us up to date with the latest written articles and relevant information which we, in turn, can share within our groups if we so wish.

WARM is the ‘brainchild’ of Laurie and her friend Jennifer. ‘Brain baby’ would probably be a better description as WARM was only launched in 2018. It has its own website – WARM Network and can also be found on Twitter  @warm_network  and Facebook @warmnetwork.

If you have read through our pages/posts right up to this point and feel that you would benefit from being able to attend our Antidepressant Withdrawal group, then be assured that we too would benefit from your attendance at our meetings. If you are now saying “I can’t possibly travel all the way to Prestatyn every fortnight”, then, why not take a look at the WARM website or connect with WARM through Twitter or Facebook and plan to set up your own group?

Connecting with WARM will give you all that you need to prepare yourself for starting a group of your own. Everything, that is, except a place to run it from – that will, of course, be left to you. So much thought has gone into the planning of the WARM venture that it deserves to be viewed and used by as many people as possible.

Please take a look – and feel the warmth. 

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Withdrawing from psychotropic drugs

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